Analysis of Traditions in Film

S or abroad. In the paper, you should make connections to course readings (attached files) as you analyze the film (freedom writters on Netflix). (In other words: this is not a film review, but a critical analysis of a film using course concepts and readings). in the paper please  demonstrate understanding of readings, and specify which curricular traditions of education is shown in the film (e.g. conservative, progressive, or critical), as well as other broad social issues (e.g., social reproduction, privilege, race or class bias, struggles of identity and culture, etc.).1.Be sure to discuss the curricular traditions present (and not present) in the film, by giving examples of various scenes and connecting them to course readings2. How well does the film depict (accurately) various curricular traditions? o How well does the film depict broad social issues, tensions, or goals of education?3.What do you think about the film’s depiction of the role of school in society?