Analysis on protagonists in the ghost of yearning

Kitchens III’s The Ghosts of Yearning, demonstrate how each of the protagonists of this Gothic novella’s three narrative strands is “haunted” by the symptoms of fantasy and denial as she attempts to come to grips psychically with the reality of traumatic personal loss.As you are writing your essay, REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING: 1) always identify within your introductory paragraph the author and title of the text you are analyzing in exactly the same fashion in which I introduced them in my above prompts. 2) DO NOT “PERSONALIZE” YOUR ANALYSIS IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. When establishing your interpretive thesis—which should show up in the introduction of your essay—you should identify the central issue, problem, concern, or question the text you are analyzing is exploring.  Once you have done this, you will be ready to move on to analyzing the text in the body of your essay, and every interpretation you produce within the body of your essay should have a clear relationship to the central thesis of your essay.      3) Always, always back up your interpretations with properly introduced and quoted textual evidence. After you have selected appropriate textual evidence and introduced it with signal phrases in your own words, YOU MUST ANALYZE THAT EVIDENCE. “ANALYZING” textual evidence does NOT mean you simply “summarize” it; it means that you explain what its symbolic, structural, and thematic significance is.