Analyzing Applications

However, with a little know-how, organizations can harness recruitment strategies and the networks of their collective to seek out top talent. Organizations should employ two types of recruiting: active and passive, to guarantee a good collection of applications.Please detail approaches to the following using the following headings as a template:1.    Position:Discuss the position and the most important qualifications and qualities of a candidate who would be ideal for a cybersecurity analyst.What are some of the key components of a cybersecurity job description and Why? 2.    Screening questions:What are five interview questions to consider for a slate of candidates and why?3.    Inclusive ConsiderationsRegarding inclusive considerations (L6), what considerations should or shouldn’t be made for inclusion in a cybersecurity analyst’s job description, the slate, and the selection process?What specific language should be chosen to or not to use in interview questions to be observant of DEI, LGBTQA, disability, and ageism bias?