answer 2 coursework question/ The Chicana/o/x Dream

Please do not use any other source.This is an activity/ classwork that I hope you can reflect on the knowledge and meaning from your work. Reflections are the most valuable activities you will perform in this course. In this assignment you will be prompted to write in a short ( 200-220)response per each two main questions:(1) What is my big take-away from the readings of chapter 1 from book The Chicana/o/x Dream?(2) What do I need to explore a little bit more from the chapter?As you start to make sense of your journal, I do recommend “to-do” a list of the topics, figures, events, thoughts, ideas, or even the experience while you were trying to craft your response.Guidelines You should use the information included and discussed from the topic of Critical Race Theory. The objective on this exercise is to help you construct meaning and self-assess your progress. Remember do not use any other source other than the ones provided.Keep it simple, your answers should use pronouns, simple wording and straight forward, Instructions•    Write 200-220 words per each questions ( the 2 questions above ) don’t exceed please!•    Use the MLA style format.•    Remember that this is an assignment not an essay•    Your reflections should address the question or problem. Examine your thinking and learning so that you can reflect critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis. •    Use indirect and direct quotations, please cite from the text (Conchas