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These movies and plays can be intense and searing at times with their topics and issues related to so called “street life” or stories that reflect the everyday struggles of so many that live in highly urbanized areas dealing with poverty, crime, family, drug abuse, gangs, race, and social and economic immobility. A recent television series on FX called Snowfall, deals with the history of the cocaine trade in south-central L.A. in 1983 and how it went from an elitist drug that was powder-cocaine, into what became known as crack-cocaine. The dramatic series is in every way an example of a particular aspect of realistic urban life in a very different time with respect to race relations in the United States in the early 80’s.It is very much an example of Urban Drama. Snowfall is one of MANY television series, films and pieces of Theatre that you can now readily find.
It is interesting to note that the style of these plays are not always supposed to be realistic. In fact many playwrights will create stories that are slightly more melodramatic or having more melodramatic characters in some situations to make their social commentary have more impact and perhaps more entertainment in the storytelling. Stephen Adly-Guirgis is one of these playwrights who tends to tell his stories in a melodramatic fashion or style. The Last days of Judas Iscariot, Jesus Hopped the A-train, In Arabia We’d All Be Kings, Mother F@$%*