Answer two questions based on Human rights lectures posted.

Choose two questions to answer and leave one question unanswered.
Question 1: The realities of life in 2022 mean human rights are regularly discussed in relation to current world events. Discuss how a principled understanding of human rights concepts with examples from the human rights treaties studied shapes your understanding of some of these issues (Note: we discuss the pandemic in class but you may bring in other events and issues as well).
Question 2: You are tasked with restructuring the UN human rights system. Do you want to ensure greater universalism or some greater framework to acknowledge cultural relativism? Why? What would you keep and what would you change – explain and justify your answer with reference to the aspects of the human rights system we have discussed?
Question 3: Can the international human rights system evolve to meet the needs of the future? What gives you hope for the future of human rights based on the first 70 years of the UDHR and the system that has evolved; and what are possible concerns that may be faced by the project of human rights moving forward on both an international and state level?
Lecture notes and instructions are attached.