[APA] Healthcare Persuasive Speech

Background Information
Guidelines for speeches (it should be 900-1000 words excluding any cover and reference page)
Be sure to have the three basic parts of a speech: Introduction.
Discussion (body).

Focus your content so that it has good unity and a clear message for your specific audience.
Think of internal transitions and signals that show coherence and the development of thoughts.
Plan an interesting “catchy” opening.
End with a “memorable” closing statement.
Rehearse your speech, using your outline as a guide for telling your message. Do not read to your audience!
Check the following techniques: Effective use of vocal variety.
Natural, but not sloppy, posture; erect, but not stiff.
Good use of nonverbal signals: eyes flowing about the audience, not too rapidly nor staring; gestures; and appropriate body movement.
Natural, but controlled, breathing.

Topic: about something that needs improvement maybe in the healthcare field