Apple Inc. Business Idea

Demonstrate why your new product or service is worth funding.
have done the research and know that the funding you seek can be a
game-changer for the company. Not only will it produce revenue and
profitability, but more importantly, it will strategically set the
company apart from its competition.
The Company: Apple Inc.
The New Innovative Product: Window Mounted Solar Charger
1. Distinguish as a new product or innovation: Distinguish the new product/service as an innovation or improvement on an existing product/service. a. Determine if the product or service fits within the capabilities of the company. Note: a company’s SWOT analysis or 10-K is an indicator of whether the new product or service could be feasible. b. Explain how the new product or service adds to the portfolio of the company.2. Target Segment: Describe the targeted segment. a. Identify the target customer. b. Explain your blue ocean strategy. Note: The new market is identified here.
3. CSR Plan: Outline the plan to service the community or customers that purchase the product or service. a. Discuss how the idea demonstrates corporate social responsibility (CSR). b. Identify what the company has invested in as it relates to the communities they serve. c. Discuss how a good CSR plan helps the company gain a competitive advantage.
4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan: Summarize how the project will include a variety of perspectives to get a better unique value proposition.
a. Determine if the company has a corporate culture built on DEI. b. Discuss how the project’s DEI plan fits into the company’s overall strategic plan.
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