Application: Sensation and Perception Examined

Your sensory receptors and nervous system send information from your senses like room temperature or the smell of perfume to the brain in raw form. Perception is the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information. Perception is what allows you to make meaning out of what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Factors like experiences, assumptions, and expectations help form perception.
To Prepare for This Assignment:
Review Module 6, “Sleep and Dreams.” Consider the importance of vision.
Review Module 15, “Sensation and Perception.” Consider the importance of the other senses.
Review Module 16, “Vision: Sensory and Perceptual Processing.” Consider how senses affect perception.
Review Module 17, “The Nonvisual Senses.” Consider the importance of the other senses.
Submitted by day seven a paper of 1 to 3 pages. Address the following:
What sense do you think would be most difficult to live without? Why? Do you think it would be more or less challenging to lose that sense of birth, at a young age, or later in life? Explain your answer, and integrate source materials to provide an informed rationale. If it were possible to regain that sense at some point in the future, how would that impact your perception of the world around you? Your answer should reflect an understanding of how each of the senses help people navigate the physical world and promote perception.