: Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

In addition to the role of the masses in supporting a totalitarian movement, Arendt identifies two key factors that are the essential to the rise of totalitarianism—ideology and terror. For your response this week, pay close attention to Arendt’s account of ideology on pp. 168-169 of the text (Excerpt 2 on Moodle). Then pick an example of an ideology today that could be used in such a way and that has some of the features Arendt describes. Remember, these ideologies can come from either side of the political spectrum and even innocuous and positive ones like environmentalism might be used for such ends. In order to successfully complete this assignment, you must both pick an example of an ideology and outline its key features AND connect it to specific textual evidence from Arendt’s text. This is a theory and application assignment so make sure you begin your response with an examination of the theory and then apply it to the specific example of ideology of your choosing. The written assignment should be one to two typed paragraphs in length (no more than two pages).