Argument papaer-02

Word count at least 1400.
Need an enthymeme, put the enthymeme in the beginning introduction paragraph and highlight enthymeme.
Enthymeme example like:
Academic culture is diminished by consumer culture because ____________, OR Academic culture should challenge students’ assumptions and beliefs because _____________.

Also, need a counter argument paragraph.
Paper outline:
In a very basic way, this is the outline of an essay:
I. Introduction: establish common ground by giving a broad discussion of the topic; explain the problem or the question at issue; present your solution
II. Middle: develop the burden of proof using evidence.
a. How does teaching cultural histories and values promote community pride?
b. How does government funding help to create community pride?
c. Why is this significant especially in the midst of a dominant culture?
d. (Please note that each question does not necessarily equate to a paragraph or even a section; you might answer two questions in one section. The sample essay does this. You can also separate each question into a section—whatever makes sense to you.)
e. Counterargument(s)
III. Conclusion: summarize your argument and answer the so what question.