Assessment Task 2: Research TaskDescription:This task is a research essay in which students are asked

Assessment Task 2: Research Task


This task is a research essay in which students are asked to choose a modern cultural product (painting, film, book, artefact, etc.) that recalls a medieval myth, legend or story. Student will be asked to present and describe their object of analysis, and to examine in detail how the medieval references have been reused, interpreted. Students will have to show differences and similarities between the medieval the medieval model and its modern iteration.

Assessment criteria: 
– Ability to synthesis the knowledge provide during the semester.
–  Work independently to develop and refine historical understanding and awareness
–  Originality of argument
–  Extent of research
– Demonstrate their ability to reflect on how past and contemporary societies narrate their pasts.
– Formulate and present a well-argued case in responds directly to the instructions.   
– Present their answer an essay-style format, using well-formed paragraphs and clear and correct sentences.

Examples of legends I would use: Robin hood (the legend vs its modern interpretation, Arthur and the knights of the round table etc);

This lecturer is a bit of a hardass so if i receive any additional information on how to complete this assignment I will forward it through.