Assignment 1 write a 3-5-page paper (not including title and reference page)

Assignment 1

write a 3-5-page paper (not including title and reference page) on research methods and information literacy. The purpose of your paper will be

to evaluate quantitative and qualitative research methods, their advantages, and disadvantages.

Find three scholarly articles and state why you found the information within those articles reliable.

Find three more articles and state why you would not use the information in those articles due to their lack of validity. (Note: You should have at least six resources on your references page.)

State which types of research methods are best for four radiology-related topics of your choosing.

Possible radiology-related topics can be: wait-time in radiology department, patient satisfaction, pain management procedure, scheduling, or walk-in preference, obtaining patient history for procedure etc.

Resources than can be used:

Aspers, P., & Corte, U. (2019). What is qualitative in qualitative research. Qualitative Sociology, 42(2), 139-160. (Links to an external site.)

Ngenye, L., & Kreps, G. (2020). A Review of Qualitative Methods in Health Communication Research. The Qualitative Report, 25(3), 631-645.

Moreno-Castro, C., Corell-Doménech, M., & Camaño-Puig, R. (2019). Which has more influence on perception of pseudo-therapies: The media’s information, friends or acquaintances opinion, or educational background? Communication & Society, 32(3), 35-49.

Boldireff, A. A. (2021). Questioning standards of evaluation in educational research: Do educational researchers ventriloquize learners’ voices in L2 education? The Qualitative Report, 26(6), 1724-1735. (Links to an external site.)

Timans, R., Wouters, P., & Heilbron, J. (2019). Mixed methods research: What it is and what it could be. Theory and Society, 48(2), 193-216.

Outline of Essay (APA7 format)

Introduction (research methods and information literacy)

Thesis statement (last sentence)

Qualitative and Quantitative research methods

Advantage of qualitative research method

Disadvantage of qualitative research method

Advantage of quantitative research method

Disadvantage of quantitative research method

Scholarly source evaluation

Other source evaluation

Research methods for radiology topics