Assignment # 13 – Chapter 11 TCM 710 – Project Leadership Due

Assignment # 13 – Chapter 11

TCM 710 – Project Leadership

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Homework Assignment # 13

Read Chapter 11 from the course text and answer the following questions.

Discuss how the role of leadership in strategic planning was viewed in the mid-1960’s versus now.

Explain the difference between a strategic vision and a mission statement.

Find a good vision statement and mission statement from a specific company or organization and include these statements in your response (use a source other than the course text). Discuss why you believe the company or organization you selected has a good mission statement and vision statement.

The course text lists several major reasons for resisting change. Select one of these reasons and explain why you believe it is a significant problem. Offer a solution for overcoming this particular reason for resisting change.

Identify and discuss the key methods for minimizing resistance to change.