Attending college has always been a personal choice for me. Making a

Attending college has always been a personal choice for me. Making a career out of my degree was never my focus, as I have worked in the hospitality industry since I was old enough to work. Making money is not a priority to me as peace of mind and understanding the reasons behind some of the most prolific deviant minds that make up the small percentage of the criminally insane. I started my associate’s degree ten years ago with the idea and hope of working with the criminally insane. Unfortunately, three months before I was set to complete this degree, my older brother committed suicide, severely affecting my schooling. I wound up failing the last-minute class and subsequently was one credit short of moving on. 

Five years later, I could pay off the school, obtain the credit and graduate with an associate’s in human services. 

Abnormal psychology has always been my fascination because I grew up in a reasonably dysfunctional household with addicted caregivers. I often wish that someone would have stepped in and removed my brothers and me from the household. 

    The criminal mind became a passion while my interest in the criminal side of psychology was introduced to me when I was 16 years old and in an abusive relationship with a man 12 years my senior. This man murdered his boss shortly after I left the city to escape his severely abusive ways as my family and I were in danger. 

    Completing college is essential if I want to be helpful and successful in helping the future of our society, but most importantly, being a part of something that can hopefully change the world for the better. Showing people that have made and paid for their mistakes can still live a productive, successful life by learning from these mistakes and paying it forward. 

My professional ambition is to excel in mental health and psychological services. I have enrolled for a degree in Bachelor of Arts, my major being psychology, to further my career in this field. I have always wanted to provide individuals with helpful services and genuine care. Mainly, I have wanted to work as a  mental health professional focused on the corrections department. In my life, I have seen many people who needed support and reassurance about their mental health and their situation in life or a recent assessment of themselves or a loved one. Seeing individuals who need assistance during times of severe mental anguish and just being able to assist them in overcoming their anxieties concerning society has been a lifelong ambition of mine.

A degree in psychology will allow me to achieve all of my ambitions while also working in a field that focuses on excellent social interactions. 

Financial support is not the combination of personal work I am particularly enthusiastic about. Somewhat more, to assist people in pursuing higher education through grants and scholarships. This is a fantastic cause. Perhaps teaching GED classes to those incarcerated may be a route to look into. Either way, because of my significant education in the health sciences, I wish to provide guidance and aid to individuals who need help re-acclimating themselves into society productively and successfully.

A Bachelor of Arts in psychology is a degree that deals with the aspects of culture, society, personal, improvements, cognition, and biology of an individual. It involves the specific research of the specific methodologies involved in the course and learning how psychology is critical in daily life. It then helps students learn and customize their course depending on their academic, individual, and professional objectives by identifying the different sections to fulfill the degree requirement. This degree is essential to working with many colleagues and enabling graduates in related sectors. Since making money is not a priority to me compared to the yearning for peace of mind, the concept of introduction to psychology will help me understand and learn how to control my emotions regarding different issues.

    Statistics for social sciences is one of the psychology courses that helps the student be able to reason, plan on the methods and also be able to interpret the working of psychology. It enables students to identify the practical methods to initiate their operation if there are issues in their professional work in the future. Carnevale,2018)l. They will weigh the most effective methods to enhance the best, most reliable plan to aid incarcerated individuals to get the help they need. This course also enables mental health professionals to identify methods to reduce risks while maximizing resources for incarcerated individuals.    

Cultural psychology enables one to interact accordingly with people from different geographical areas, cultural regions, and races. It gives one the confidence to learn things associated with different cultures. This opens one to more discoveries and many tactics for handling problems at distinct levels. Diversity widens an individual’s thinking, as they have more options for handling different issues in their profession. In the case of criminal investigations, it is a course that provides more straightforward and many investigation methods, hence making it easy for the investigators to search and handle criminal cases(Carnevale, 2018). This is also a course that can affect the penal system as the professionals have to maintain and improve equality irrespective of the individual’s origin. It will also offer diverse ways of preventing the same crimes from happening. The same will also investigate the causes of having many criminals from one region or cultural group compared to others.

   Psychopathology is another course associated with learning the research, grouping, etiology, and specific treatments given to people with different psychological illnesses. Abnormal psychology is the unit that helps in brain reading, evaluating the weight of brain damage, and identifying the possible solutions to this kind of disorder. Not all people in the prisons wanted to be there. Some have brain damages that force them to this kind of position in life(Carnevale,2018). Therefore, they need leaders that understand and are ready to help them avoid punishing unworthy people in society. This course will also help me identify my audience’s psychology while grouping them depending on the disorder’s impact and level.

Understanding that the things we take into the body reflect outward, we relate that physiology and the body’s alignment are essential to our actions and activities. For instance, people with dreads in society tend to be judged easily, as many of them are forced to get into prison for mistakes they did not make. Also, the way we dress tells a lot about who we are and what we do. For instance, after getting out of prison, most people are advised to change their dressing code to cut their hair(Hong et al.,2019). This is to symbolize change and give society a new view of them. The way we dress also shows how our mental health is doing. People with mental disorders do not know how to take good care of themselves; they are therefore associated with shaggy hair and, firstly, clothes. This will also help my professional dress since I will interact with judges, attorneys, and lawyers who need to see my ambition in helping the prisoners.

Advanced social psychology is a course in this degree that helps the learners identify and evaluate the effects of the situational and environmental elements in an individual’s behavior. For instance, a prisoner might have been forced to engage in crime because of poverty or poor economy in a state. This is also a branch that attracts the government and other social groups to correct set situations(Hong et al., 2019). Again, a fire outbreak would influence one to steal, accidentally carrying other people’s belongings. This will then be termed theft, and the prisoner could be guided on how to void the same activities while enhancing social ethics.

Learning and memory are subject to the procedures of memory. Different people have different mental methods, which causes some of them to go wrong and pay for their actions. It also depends on the ability of the memory to hold rules and principles. For example, people who tend to adhere to discipline and policies are less likely to engage in criminal activities. On the other hand, people who do not put any weight on ethics tend to do bad things to others in society, affecting their performance and leading to punishment or imprisonment of the actors(Hong et al., 2019). This knowledge will help people understand the differences in cognitive behavior depending on the environment and growth of an individual. For instance, people born and developed in Street areas or violent families will inherit the same, as this is the only way they believe they can earn or win. As a penal professional, I will gain knowledge through this course and analyze and train the prisoners on the importance of keeping policies for individual and societal benefits regardless of their backgrounds.

Advanced human development is a course that enlightens about the biological, social, emotional, and physical development in an individual’s life cycle. In life, many factors contribute to the development of an individual, while some factors contribute to a change in one’s behavior (Carnevale, Strohl & Melton, 2013). For instance, reflecting on my own life, I had to grow out of the violent family that my parents had introduced me to. Therefore, I decided to change my environment and associate with only positivity that would enable me to see the good in the lives of others while also putting effort into helping them become better versions of themselves and not only letting the imprisonment title distract or stress them.

Human development courses are helpful in the life of everyone and also in their professions as they help people learn how to interact with other people in the case of communication, handling disagreements and conflicts. It also trains one to adjust to a particular environment to effectively perform and give their best (Carnevale, Strohl, & Melton, 2013). The different levels of operation. It is also a course that will enable me to interact with different people regarding mental stability in the prisons while interacting with people from different statuses depending on their profession. This gives one a sense of patience and understanding while handling different people.

 I am confident that a Bachelor of Arts in psychology is the right path. However, further inquiry into the discipline of psychology showed that just a few schools offered the curriculum. I chose state college because I need to do my school online and 100 remotely. After graduating from state community college with a degree in health and human service, I decided: that my Bachelor of Arts in psychology was the summit of my career objectives. When I focused on this institution and its comprehensive, complicated course requirements, I thought I had discovered the closest fit for my ideal degree.

Long shifts and demanding tasks will always be met with my unfailing passion. I will be able to reassure myself about the outcome of all of my effort

: a fascinating profession in which I will connect with people and satisfy my academic objectives, which were always concentrated on the healthcare system.

. The long hours and the demanding workload will be met with my genuine enthusiasm every step of the way. Through my training, I will happily be able to remind myself of the reward for all of my hard work: An exciting career in which I get to help people learn that a better life awaits them if they put the work in to improve their lives after incarceration and satisfy my intellectual aspirations, which have always been keenly set on Mental Health services.    

In conclusion, the penal system is a requirement of the above courses that majorly Dela with understanding how the people’s mental condition was achieved and analyzing the methods to correct or treat the same. Furthermore, it deals with diversity, so a student should be ready to interact with and research many people regardless of their race, culture, and environmental background. These courses will also motivate me to handle critical conditions, as it is a degree related to enhancing the well-being and success of others mentally, behaviorally, and physically. Additionally, I will be able to relate my story of growing up in a violent family and becoming a professional in the prison system for the betterment of others while bringing out the best in society and individually.



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