Background One of the major challenges that Suadi University EFL students face


One of the major challenges that Suadi University EFL students face during the process of learning Englisg is acquiring vocabulary. Vocabulary learning is one of the most important components of English language for EFL learners. Vocabulary learning is an imperative part of learning foreign language (Schmitt & Carter, 2000). Vocabulary learning verifies to play an important role in oral communication. In addition to that, it would be very hard for anyone to express himself or his thoughts without having the enough vocabulary, knowing their different meanings and knowing exactly how to use them properly in a verbal or written communication according to the contexts. That is the reason behind using and conducting vocabulary learning strategies is to help and guide EFL learners to the appropriate ways for learning English vocabulary. However, learning vocabulary is not as easy process as it seems. Knowing many English words wheather at home or at school but without having the chance for using or employing them in a daily bases is not going to help because new words that are aquired and stored in mind run out fast if they are not used. Vocabulary learning strategies have recently been viewed as powerful and effective tools for speeding up learning, particularly language learning. Oxford (1994) mentioned the importance of language learning strategies and defined them as behaviors, actions, and techniques that students use to improve their progress in producing and comprehending L2. Learning the strategies makes learning faster and better. According to Oxford (2003) she defined language learning strategies as “specific actions taken by the learners to make learning easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self-directed, more effective and more transferable to new situations”. Oxford (1990) suggests that EFL learners should be encouraged to learn the different learning strategies in their learning process, and she adds that knowing the vocabulary learning strategies makes learners feel independent and helps them to be responsible for their own learning. Gu (1994) and Schmitt (1997) applied their knowledge of language learning strategies into vocabulary learning and they provided a sub category of language learning strategies called “Vocabulary Learning Strategies” (VLS). Language learners must learn VLS for better learning of vocabularies because this knowledge improves their process of acquisition.

Problem statement

Various problems encountered by non-native English speakers include definitions of new vocabulary, writing, speaking, using the correct vocabulary, and understanding contextual matter. Potential origins of these issues vary, with some Saudi Arabian research pointing to educational malpractice. Despite some drawbacks to education and learning strategies, the demand for English in Saudi Arabia has increased dramatically. Learners need to master vocabulary to prove that they are skilled users of English. Teachers need to meet the needs of their students and teach vocabulary in a memorable. Despite a few deficiencies in coaching and gaining knowledge of strategies, the call for English in Saudi Arabia has dramatically increased. The learners should get command over vocabulary to show they’re able users of English. Teachers want to fulfill the students’ desires and cause them to learn vocabulary in an unforgettable way.

Research Questions

1-What are the difficulties that English majors at Saudi university studies encounter in learning the vocabulary?

2- How can Saudi university studies students minimize their difficulties learning English vocabulary?

Research Objectives

To look into the troubles confronted through Saudi university studies English majors in getting to know the vocabulary.

To advise strategies that can minimize the problems Saudi university studies students face when learning English vocabulary.

Significance of research

Among numerous different dynamics, suitable and updated information of vocabulary is an exceedingly vital component of powerful getting to know system of English as a overseas language. It has been mentioned that “vocabulary paperwork the most important a part of the that means of any language, and vocabulary is the most important problem for maximum newcomers” . Considering the number one position of lexical information in powerful ELT and the problems of vocabulary getting to know skilled via way of means of EFL newcomers, “one could count on that vocabulary training could be on the pinnacle of the time table for language teachers.

However, the alternative is frequently the case” . It has been said that specific vocabulary coaching is frequently omitted and EFL newcomers are left to struggle in their very own to choose up lexical information without the required steering on this regard . Vocabulary getting to know is a complex system that “includes such capabilities as shape recognition (pronunciation, spelling, derivations). Knowledge of its precise grammatical properties, however, in addition to the ability to apply the phrase correctly in positive contexts, and its functions” alongside getting to know it’s that means . The abovementioned method truly appears to signify that vocabulary getting to know is a complex system that wishes right interest for making sure great result.


This studies could be focused at the following null hypothesis: Null Hypothesis: There will now no longer be any statistically sizable gender-primarily based totally distinction amongst Saudi EFL inexperienced persons’ styles of VLS they rent to study the technical vocabulary associated with their discipline. This empirical examine became a pass sectional survey to acquire records associated with the frequency and effectiveness of VLS from a randomly decided on pattern that became drawn from the overseas languages department, Taif University (FLD TU). The members of this examine had been consisted of 153 male and girl Saudi EFL inexperienced persons reading at Taif University in Saudi Arabia.

Outline of the study: