Basic language of python

please for this assignment use basic things in python not professional codes, I have attached a picture that has codes if you can please continue on it and fix the mistakes
For this assignment you are to create a Python program with the following capabilities/features.
1.Starts with a blank list
2.Use a while loop
3.Asks the user to enter a name or type ‘done’ to stop
4.Appends each name to the list
5.Does not append ‘done’ to the list
6.After user exits while loop, asks the user to select one of three methods to print the list (lower, CAPITAL, Title)
7.Prints the list based on the user’s preference.
8.Clears the list and ends
Your code should have comments as needed.
You are to submit the .py file and screen captures of the code executing. Submit the files through Blackboard without zipping them.
Don’t ZIP your files!