Basic Overview on Research Goals For this course you are being asked

Basic Overview on Research Goals

For this course you are being asked to create a PowerPoint presentation that will be based on a topic of professional interest. You are free to choose a topic from the topics that have been covered in the course or you may choose an alternate topic of interest that has not been covered but which is relevant to the course. The following are specific guidelines that can help you prepare your electronic presentation:

Expectations for Research

The presentation is expected to be based on research that you have conducted outside of the required readings and lectures provided in the course. The important thing is that you have a research question that you are answering since it is not enough to just describe a problem or situation; you will also need to analyze it. The more targeted your presentation, the better. This is very important. If you are unsure about your topic, please speak with me and I will be happy to assist you.

Your presentation will be based on research so it is a good idea to prepare carefully and choose your material well. This is the part that really makes a difference. It is good to use material gathered from books and peer-reviewed academic journals and not only web-based reports. Acceptable sources from the web include well-known and respected international, national, local and community organizations.

Please touch base with me if you would like to go over options and research for your presentation. Be wary of some organizations and the information they provide. Not all information is of equal value and academic merit. It is also important to cite your sources

Since you are free to choose your topic, here are a few suggestions of what your topic could be:

Suggested Topics

It is always a good idea to ensure that the topic you are choosing is one that can move you closer toward your vocation, calling and professional goals. Remember too…Think GLOBAL, Act LOCAL…this approach can be added to any topic you choose to research

AT THE SAME TIME, I would like to you to focus on the final project on an “applied” experience. This means, in a general sense, what aspect of the course can you expand on for future use that benefits society.

Here are some suggestions but you can do other topics as you see fit. Always remember all topics must be linked to the study of epidemiology so if in doubt, please contact me to discuss:

Equity in Research

Statistical Issues

Racial and ethnic disparities

Data collection

Experimental studies

Public health education COVID 19 pandemic

Health communication

Screening in public health practice

Bias in epidemiology

Epidemiology of violence

Epidemiology of chronic illnesses (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more)

Human research and ethics

LGBTQ Community

Social determinants of health

Diseases – emerging and re-emerging

Veteran health; minority health; Indian Health

Changes in epidemiology over time

Clinical trials

Studies with children

Studies with vulnerable populations

Public health data

Presentation Guidelines

Your presentation is expected to be between 15-20 slides (can be more but be mindful. You may add notes to the presentation to explain the slides. This is not a requirement, but an option.

If you provide graphs or figures, please source them.

A bibliography is expected at the end of your presentation (included as a separate slide).

If you are unsure of how to create an electronic presentation please let me know. Your school Account allows you to use Microsoft Office

Please be sure font size big enough as though presenting at a conference.

You may use pictures to enhance the aesthetics of the presentation and this is highly recommended but you will be graded more on the content and on how appealing it is to view though that does matter too.

Grading Rubric


Questions to ensure are answered



Do you have a structure to the presentation (introduction, body, and conclusion)?



Is the structure easy to understand and follow?



Are transitions clear and logical?



Is the flow of the presentation clearly organized?



Is your information appropriate, academically sound and rigorous?



Is there evidence of research and advancing knowledge on the topic?



Is there evidence of critical thinking of the topic? Were critical suggestions followed?



Do you establish credibility with your information?



Do you provide sources?



Is your conclusion supported by the evidence provided?



Total possible grade at excellent for each area



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