basic writen Business Comunication

Most of your 17 full-time employees are high school graduates, and many of them are female.For beginning workers, you pay $2.50 per hour over the minimum wage, plus fringe benefits. Send amessage to your employees informing them that management has decided that no one can takevacation or personal days during the months of November and December. The reason, of course, is thatthe holiday season is your busiest sales period.PROCESSCompose a few paragraphs describing how you solved this problem. In narrative form, provideinformation such as the following:1.What is the purpose of your message?2.Describe your audience.3.Will you use a direct or an indirect organizational plan? (What is your audience’s likelyreaction to this memo?)4.What reasons can you give for your decision?5. How can you stress the “you” attitude and use positive language to explain the reasonsfor this decision?5.Will you format this document as a letter or memo? Why?PRODUCTCompose your document and follow the five steps in the writing process (planning, drafting, revising,formatting, and proofreading). Format the final version on letterhead stationery.Studentsmust submit both answers to the “process” questions and a “product.”The entire assignment should be500-1,000 words.