Before answering the questions make sure to watch the lecture in its entirety. For this week, there are two links!!!!

For full points, you must respond to each question in at least 5 sentences. Please use question and answer format, writing the question immediately before your response.
*Note: You will not be able to answer the Top Hat questions that were presented during the live class. Instead, you are required to answer the questions listed below.
Post-Lecture Responses QuestionsIn class we did an activity. What was the purpose of this activity? What came to your attention while watching this activity?
Why is the employment rate of people with disabilities low?
Describe one of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. If you were in a position of power to employ people with disabilities which of the benefits would be most important to you? Why?
Respond to our guest speaker Jonathan Deguzman. What is his connection with employment of people with disabilities? What is something that surprised you from his experience that ties to this topic.