Behaviorism Versus Neobehaviorism,

F. Skinner expanded on John B. Watson’s pure focus on measurable behavior alone, adding layers of cognition, reinforcement, and operant conditioning, respectively. Each of these theorists greatly contributed to the development and, ultimately, to the acceptance of the fundamental science of human behavior, yet their extension of ideas led them to be considered neobehaviorists. Psychology professionals need to understand the distinction between behaviorism and neobehaviorism in order to have a true grasp of neobehaviorism’s relevance to the field of psychology today.
For this Discussion, consider the various theorists who were considered neobehaviorists. How did their theories and concepts expand on the work of their forebears?
By Day 4
Post by Day 4 a comparison of behaviorism and neobehaviorism. Then explain the relevance of neobehaviorism to the field of psychology today, and justify your response.