Benchmark Group Counseling Assignment template Planning Information Names of Group Leaders: ______________________________________

Benchmark Group Counseling Assignment template

Planning Information

Names of Group Leaders: ______________________________________


Outline of Group Sessions

Paste the completed planning chart outline for your group sessions here (the chart outline is found in your instructions under “Planning Phase”)

Feedback Survey

Paste a copy of your feedback survey here.

Group Reflection & Feedback Information

Answer the following questions found in each section below:

Group Description

1. Describe the type of group you planned and led: (Examples: a 1 session group that taught mindfulness meditation; a 4 session group that covered the following topics: stages of grief, talking to family about your cancer diagnosis, connecting to support systems in the community, communicating with your health care providers)

Population & Screening

1. Who comprised your group and how many? Describe the target audience to whom the group was open.

2. How did you decide who was and was not appropriate for your group?

3.What were the screening questions you used to deselect participants?

4. How many did you allow in the group and why?

Goals of the Group

List the purposes of the group. (Example: By the end of the sessions, participants will be able to: 1. Articulate the stages of grief. 2. Identify what stage of grief they are currently experiencing. 3. Experience feeling supported by others in the group.)

Group Setting

Where did the group take place and why? What about the setting was both conducive and not conducive to your psychoeducational group?

(Group seeting was at community clubhouse)


How did you advertise the group? What information was included? How effective was your advertising?

(Put community facebook group)

Multicultural Factors

What cultural, ethnic and gender issues were considered in planning for your group? Were there any multicultural issues that arose during group that you had not considered in planning the group?

Ethical Considerations

What ethical issues were addressed in group? (Example: Limits of confidentiality)

Did any ethical issues arise you did not anticipate in the planning of the group?


Once you receive the feedback from the survey, please add a short paragraph description of the results. If you have not completed the total planned number of group sessions at the time this assignment is due, then provide a description of your observations so far.