Big data is a technology that extracts values from data including a

Big data is a technology that extracts values from data including a large amount (tens of terabytes) of structured or even unstructured data sets that are not in the form of databases, which exceed the capabilities of existing database management tools, and analyzes the results.

We can classify data as structured data, semi-structured data, or unstructured data. Structured data resides in predefined formats and models, Unstructured data is stored in its natural format until it’s extracted for analysis, and Semi-structured data basically is a mix of both structured and unstructured data.

Think about social network services like Facebook and Twitter and find objects that can form in data. Classify what data types the objects are and explain why you think so.

Find a proper solution to implement database systems to sustain social media such as Facebook or Twitter and explain development plan for the implementation

If you need to convert what you define as an unstructured or semi-structured data type to structured data, explain how you would do so.

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Learning Outcomes

Explain how to apply and manage Big Date Database Systems

Compare and contrast big data management and legacy databases.