BIO 110 Exam 2 Short Answer This part of the test should

BIO 110 Exam 2 Short Answer

This part of the test should take about 45 minutes to complete fully. You will submit this portion of the test through this link. You MUST also follow directions below to receive a grade for this test. Failure to follow directions will result in a zero.


All answers must be written in YOUR OWN WORDS. Anything else is considered plagiarism.

Open Book:

This is an OPEN book exam. You may use any written materials I have provided, including, but not limited to: any required and recommended materials for the class, any handouts from class, PowerPoint slides, and class notes.

Additional Research: While you may use any materials that you have been provided for this class, you are NOT permitted to do any online or library research (e.g. Google, reference materials) to answer the exam questions. (Remember, if you can “Google it”, so can I.”

1. a. Describe endosymbiotic theory. What is it? How does it relate to cells and organelles? What is the evidence to back it up?

b. Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. (Remember you need to include how they are the same and different. You can do a chart or diagram for this if you prefer.)

(20 points total)

2. Based on what you have learned in class, describe the difference between “dark meat” and “white meat” and how this relates to the function of the muscle, including what types of cellular respiration each type of muscle is best suited for. Be detailed about the structure of these types of muscles. (10 points)

3. Imagine you are conducting a photosynthesis experiment. You will be blocking any light from reaching the plant. Explain the specific effects this will have on photosynthesis. (Make sure you talk about how this would affect the specific steps in photosynthesis.) In your answer make sure to also include how your experiment was set up. (This means you should clearly state what your manipulated, responding, and controlled variables are. As well as your control and experimental groups, and how you would conduct the experiment.)

(20 points total)

4. Describe how photosynthesis and aerobic cellular respiration are related. Things to include in your answer are what organisms undergo these reactions, what the products and reactants are, and where they occur. Make sure no to just list these things but how the two reactions are related. You can include anything else you think might be relevant to how these reactions are related. (20 points)