Body Paragraph Outlining and Writing

Please read the following information carefully to know how to complete your assignment correctly and completely.
Assignment 1:Body Paragraph Outlining and Writing (15%)
Learning Objectives:
1.1 Ensure that written material is free from mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, and punctuation).
1.2 Evaluate and edit communications and adjust for any errors in content, structure, style, and/or mechanics.
1.3 Demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in the conventions of Standard English.
1. Choose a subject (topic) to write a body paragraph about. *Choosing a subject that you have knowledge about already will be wise because you can focus on the quality of your writing for your first writing assignment instead of spending a lot of time searching for and gathering information to include in your paragraph. Also, consider your audience and what I will expect for a college/professional level of writing.
2. Plan and prepare for writing your body paragraph by developing an OUTLINE. *Remember there are 4 different parts to an outline: MI, SD, Evidence, and CS. Include 3 SDs in your paragraph. The order of these parts is very important.
*Remember to download and USE the provided worksheet!
3. Using your outline, write the BODY PARAGRAPH
*Use font types appropriate for college and work: Times New Roman (12pt), Arial (11pt), or Calibri (11pt). Also, remember to double-space the lines in the paragraph.
Review the pdfs about body paragraph writing and outlining and use the example paragraph about Wheaton to help you know what your work should be and should look like.
Review the provided student example work to compare your work to for helping you know if your work is correct and complete.
Watch all instructional and related Zoom Class recordings to make sure your work is completed correctly.
Tips and Things to Consider to Produce Great Work:
Read the instructions several times to make sure you understand completely.
Follow the instructions correctly.
Ask for help if you need it or ask questions if you don’t understand something.
Make sure your work is your own. Helping others and getting help from others is okay but sharing your work or using someone else’s work is NOT OKAY!
Do NOT use spinning sites. These lessen the quality of your writing and result in grade deductions.