Brand Repositioning

Tagline: #Healthy you by Orgain

What makes buyers purchase products from one supplier over another. For every competing product, a company must ensure that they position themselves well in the marketplace. Since the manufacturing company would not want their products to be just any other in the face of the crowd or the minds of consumers (Chrysochou & Festila, 2019). Therefore, positioning is the means through which consumers view a product relative to the competition. Thus the need for companies to a distinctive offering and image that is unique and stands out from the competition in consumer’s minds.

There are various ways through which product positioning can be done. One of the ways is to ensure customer survey data is plotted in a perceptual map. Basically, a perception map is a graph that shows where a product stands, or where it should stand relative to the competitors based on factors important to buyers (Chrysochou & Festila, 2019). The criteria important to buyers have several characteristics, which are quality, price, and level of customer service connected to the product. Moreover, the use of taglines is necessary during advertising is a meaningful measure to position a product in the minds of the buyer. A creative tagline is designed, to sum up the importance of a product.

For a product to be appealing to various market segments, a company must reposition its products. As earlier mentioned, reposition is the effort to place and move a product in the consumer’s mind. A company will decide to reposition when they notice a decrease in the sales of a product (Alamsyah & Mohammed, 2019). Reposition is normally done to keep up with the needs of the consumers.

Strategies used for Repositioning Orgain

The strategy selected by a company determines the course and focus of the consumers, the general public, and other businesses. The following strategies can be used for Orgain

Customer engagement- this strategy will involve people in its execution since people prefer to be involved. They desire a sense of belonging and will want to know and feel that they belong. Therefore, the manufacturers of organic should customize the products that meet and fit consumer needs (Alamsyah & Mohammed, 2019). This calls for creativity and a great understanding of the needs of the consumers. They can decide to pitch in various towns and offer free application tips of the powder to customers who purchase them.

Secondly, carrying out social responsibility is another way through which a product can be repositioned in a consumer’s mind. Consumers value and appreciate businesses that embrace the spirit of giving. Since social responsibility is a way of an organization promoting the welfare of society, consumers can be compelled to purchase products from a company that offers such services. Besides, it makes them have a sense of belonging.

As soon as a brand repositioning is selected, the next thing is to implement it. The following can make a strategy successful.

  1. Marketing changes

a company thrives on changing the look and feel of the company; they also should change the strategy since the goal is to connect with the existing audience while meeting and reaching out to a new audience (Alamsyah & Mohammed, 2019). Some of the ways through which this can be achieved are through shifting traditional media such as radio and newspapers to social media to reach the younger generation.



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