BUSI 455 Negotiation and Results: Management and Employees Assignment Instructions Instructions Submit

BUSI 455

Negotiation and Results: Management and Employees Assignment Instructions


Submit an individual Negotiation Analysis and Summary document. Respond to the Tactics, Results, Insights and Progress questions as presented below, providing at least 100 words in response to each question, while including Biblical worldview integration throughout your analysis. Although you will be working with others in the negotiation simulation, this is an individual assignment and each student must submit his or her own work.

Required: **An agreement must be reached in the negotiation.** Submitting that no agreement was achieved may result in a grade of zero.

Your negotiation results assessment should provide a minimum of 1,000 words of analysis (not including cover page and References page), be APA formatted, and cite a minimum of 4 relevant professional resources (in addition to at least one of your textbook(s) and 2 Bible Verse citations) in APA format with a properly APA formatted References page.

Acceptable sources include peer reviewed journal articles, professional information sites, professional negotiation information sources, professional trade journals, the Wall Street Journal, etc., as well as the course textbooks, and the Bible.

Treat this as a formal summary brief that you will submit to senior leadership. Be as thorough as possible, applying negotiation concepts, theory, and tactics from the course readings.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.



What are your tactics? Why? (100 words)

Describe at least one specific strategy that could be utilized in this negotiation. (100 words)

What would be your counterpart’s tactics? Why? (100 words)


Did you reach an agreement? (Yes/No)

(The minimum 100-word count does not apply to this question.)

Details of the Agreement (100 words)


Defend the solution you obtained and please explain why. (100 words)

Summary of what you learned. (100 words)

Relevant readings and class lectures and why. (100 words)

Surprises: what surprised you in the negotiation? (100 words)

If you had to do this again, what would you do differently? (100 words)


How can one improve themselves as a negotiator. Did this research help you? (100 words)

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