Business Discussion 5

After reading the chapters in this module, review the following (2) topics below. Choose and post your response to one (1) topic. Then review and reply to a classmate who posted on a different topic. For example, if you posted a reply to topic #1, review and reply to a classmate who posted on topic #2.
Chapter 10Income Statement. Why is an income statement important for a small business owner to understand? How can it help to manage the business?

Chapter 12.A banker’s Perspective. In applying for a loan from a bank, it is best to think like a banker. What does a bank’s loan officer look for in a small business loan application? How can the business owner assure the bank they are a good risk?

ln order to earn the full points for this assignment, you must:
Begin your post with Chapter # and topic.Clearly and accurately explain your answer based on factual information.(25 points)
Include examples, illustrations, and/or applications in your answer. If you copy information from the Internet, you must cite your source. (25 points)
Respond to one of your classmate’s post on one of the OTHER topics. (25 points)
Explain the reason for your agreement or disagreement or why you think the post is important, and/or provide examples of the point(s) made. Just replying “I agree with you” does not constitute a valid reply. (25 points)
I will post the reply of the classmate you need to respond to after the initial post