Business Plan for UpRightFarming

This assignment requires deep research into a business plan called UpRightFarmer and to do it you would have to read over the business plan (attached) and the presentation slides for pictures as an example (attached). After that, I need you to help me to do the Business Plan Outline (instruction attached) at my part already highlighted. I also did an outline of what to do for you. You would have to go to my school library for searching for the data that support your research. Website link, ID and Password will be provided below. You will have to reflect the info that my group already had on the business plan provided (my part also highlighted) to write about this paper, please look for statistic graphs or charts to support your target market choice. I have already chosen the target market as people 25 – 40 for the primary research and people 50 – 65 for secondary market research (please be specific about their work, income, religion, interests…). The location of the store UpRightFarming would be in Los Angeles so please look for data of the type of people in that area. Remember to do the research reinforces the target market and show why the target market you researched would love to purchase the products and services from UpRightFarming.Paper requirements of 6 pages and sources up to your research


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