Business Plan Project Goal: Using all of your chapter assignments from this

Business Plan Project


Using all of your chapter assignments from this class, the goal of this assignment is for you to develop a written business plan for your current/proposed business. I have also attached all of the business planning worksheets that I used in BUSM 1640. They pertain to location, IP protection, legal structure etc. and may be helpful with your planning and writing.

NOTE:  We have covered all of the below in the chapter assignments.  Please do not do a simple “cut and paste” from all of you assignments, as there may be duplicate information.  Your final product should be clear and concise.  

I have given you two sample plans, so that you can see their formatting.  Note that the samples do not include all of the content that is requested in your plan.  Professional formatting is VERY important in the plan.  

What you need to cover in your written plan:

Executive Summary

Company Description

Company name

Mission Statement/Objectives

Form of Business

Trademarks, Copyrights and other Legal Issues

Products and/or Services Description


Location and Geographical Information

Industry Analysis and Trends

Size and Growth Rate of the Industry

Industry Maturity

Sensitivity to Economic Cycles

Seasonal Factors

Technological factors


Supply and Distribution

Financial Characteristics

Target Market


Lifestyle and Psychographics

Purchasing patterns

Buying Sensitivities

Market Size and Trends

The Competition

Competitive Position

Market Share

Future Competition

Barriers to Entry

Strategic Position and Risk Assessment

Strategic Position

Company SWOT

Risks Assessment

Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy

Company’s Marketing message

Marketing Strategy

Summary of the 5 F’s

Summary of the 4 P’s from 1640 Marketing Plan

Product strategy and description

Pricing strategy

Promotion strategy (include traditional and digital promotions)

Place/distribution strategy


Plant and Facilities

Manufacturing/Production Plan

Labor Requirements

Quality Control

Equipment and Furniture

Inventory Management

Supply and Distribution

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

Technology Plan

Software Needs

Hardware Needs

Telecommunications Needs

Technology Personnel Needs

Management & Organization

Key Employees/Principles

Advisory Committee


Financial Statements – Created in FINN 1300

What you need to turn in on Blackboard (all items MUST be typed and presented professionally):

Written plan that follows the above outline

How you will be graded:

Written plan


Grammar and Spelling

Professional (formatting and writing etc.)

Included all outline topics

Appropriate and well thought out content