Business System Analysis: Module One

Final Paper


Our business is a small brick and mortar business that specializes in designer clothes, shoes, and handbags. Our company mainly bases on the physical presence of the customers at the store. However, the business owner currently wants to integrate the brick and mortar business with e-business such that our business can operate both online and physical. The main aim of this opinion is to improve the company’s customer base and become more customer centric.

Problem Statement

Currently, our customers are not able to reach our products as compared to our competitors because they must visit our stores to view and purchase our products. Besides, most of the customers have reported a lack of privacy of their information, thereby avoiding to provide their genuine contacts. Therefore, we are confident that we can solve these problems in our business when we introduce e-business. To initiate e-commerce, we need technology that allows online shopping, facilitates both internal and external collaboration, manage logistics operations, manage online financial transactions, analyze data, and manage the brick and mortar process (Laudon & Traver, 2016).

Two Technologies.

The two technologies that I believe are essential for our company’s case are Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce and Business analytics, and business intelligence solutions. The Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce (m-commerce) technology can only be integrated into wireless mobile devices like android cellphones and tablets. The technologies can either be an application, a website, or a social media platform. Such technologies help business organizations to perform business operations such as selling, buying, financial transactions, and building customer relationship. On the other hand, Business analytics and business intelligence solution technology is a data management technology that enables business organizations to collect both present and historical information and analyze the raw information, thereby delivering insights that require adjustments in the future (Chaffey, Hemphill & Edmundson-Bird, 2019).

Business Requirements


We have been having low sales and less customer base as compared to our competitors. Besides, our customers have been complaining about the lack of privacy of their personal information and contacts. The main objective of this project is to propose two technologies that will help our business restore its customer trust and increase our customer base. Of course, this will help us support the goal of our business. The goal of the business is to become more customer-focused and promote the growth of business with e-business.

Project Description

For our business to accomplish the stated objectives of the project, it has to integrate the business with e-business that is easier to use and easily accessible. Technology should allow potential customers to access our products at any time anywhere. The other technology that the business should initiate is a technology that enables it to analyze its operations and provides a report on the performance of the organization. This technology allows the business organization to know whether the business is on track and suggest possible changes that should be made.

If the two technologies are appropriately implemented, then the sales should increase, and customer relationships improved. The business owner wants a technology that enhances the customers’ data privacy and growth of the customer base. The two technologies (mobile commerce technology and business analytics technology) will help the owner to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer base.

Technology Requirements

The two technologies that the business implements should be capable of performing numerous tasks in line with business goals. The first technology should be capable of doing the following functions: displaying the business products to a large population 24/7; offer secured online financial operations and management; allow customers to communicate with our customer care efficiently; and ensure maximum security of customers’ personal information and financial data (Chaffey, Hemphill & Edmundson-Bird, 2019). The other technology should be capable of compiling all the customer information, customer feedback reports, provide sales reports, inventories report, provide logistics reports, track the performance of the business and provide suggestions for areas that need change.


Competitors and Technology

Our primary competitors include Zappos, Macy’s, Lyst, Kohl’s, Hautelook, and Nordstrom Rack. Based on their financial performance and significant data feedback, it is clear all these companies are performing much better than our business. However, all these companies have integrated their business operations with technologies that improve their customer services. This section highlights examples of our competitors that use the two technologies I have selected in my proposal and are successful.

Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce

This technology requires customers to use wireless mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets to access business’ stores, chat with customer care, find referrals, find business’ information, make orders, and do financial transactions. However, the customer must be convinced that the technology is secured. One of our competitors that use such technology to promote its customer services is Zappos. One would ask himself what’s behind the customer service success of Zappos. Zappos has an online website integrated with live chats, email, video calls, and voice calls. Besides, the site allows Zappos to display its products, manage shipping services, and customers to make orders and payments through credit cards and PayPal[i]. The technology has helped Zappos to improve customer services, build its customer base, and manage its operations successfully.

Business analytics and business intelligence solution

This technology helps a business organization to compile business data, including customers’ reports, sales reports, financial transactions, inventories reports, and other data of the business operations. It also allows the business to track its performance and suggest for change if necessary. Nordstrom Rack is an example of our competitors who have successfully use this technology to leverage its data to its competitive advantage[ii]. The organization has profoundly invested in its analytics capabilities to ensure that it stays on track and provide the best customer services.

Technology Benefit

Zappos and Nordstrom Rack have successfully used these technologies to build their customers online, improve their customer services, track their performance, and ensure customer satisfaction. Our business being unexceptional, the technologies will enable us to focus on our customers’’ satisfaction, build our customer base online, operate for longer hours, and assure our customers of their security.

Technology Solution

Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce.

This technology allows integration of chat apps, emails, financial systems, demographic tracks, voice calls, upload of pictures, and videos. Therefore, through this technology, our business shall improve its customer relationship, improve its stores online, and increase its customer base online.

Business analytics and business intelligence solution

The technology allows the business to compile business operations data and customer feedback. It will, therefore, help our company to track its performance and make necessary changes.


Technology Solution

I recommend the business to integrate the business with Shopify.

Overall Benefits of Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create their stores online where the customers can access the store at any time. Besides, it allows customers to make orders and make payments through credit cards and PayPal. The most important thing about Shopify is its analytics feature. Shopify analytics would enable the business to review its store, collect data of its online visitors of the store and the store’s transactions[iii]. Shopify is, therefore, the best solution for our business.

Basic Security Consideration

Security features

While creating an e-business store using Shopify, the business owner should create a Restricted Lock Content in order to select the content that cannot be accessed by all visitors. The owner should also set automated backups to avoid the deletion of the website’s content. The business owner should also integrate the site with an advanced fraud detection tool like NS8 (Waite, 2016).

Third-Party Vendors

To minimize security issues with third-party vendors, the business should integrate a fraud detection tool to detect any fraud from third party vendors (Waite, 2016).

Internal Safeguards

The employees who are allowed to access the site should have strong passwords to protect the website from hackers (Waite, 2016).


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