Caitlyn Jenner

g. transgender, FtM/MtF, cross dresser, gender queer, transsexual, non-binary, gender fluid) and did that identity change over time?c)    Is the memoir purely retrospective (i.e. from memory) or does it contain contemporary sources (e.g. journal entries, letters, e-mails)?d)    Does the individual specify any particular role model(s) that they knew personally or knew about from the mass media (e.g. actor, musician, celebrity)?e)    Did the individual have access to reliable information and/or positive support to help them navigate their non-normative feelings around their gender identity and expression?f)    Given the time and place, was the reaction from family, friends, and the broader society, what you might expect considering contemporary gender norms?g)    In what significant ways do the individual’s other identities (e.g. race, class, ability, religious affiliation, vocation, marital status, political affiliation) intersect with their trans identity? How have these “multiple identities” shaped their experience?h)    Overall, how would say being trans* (in the broadest sense) impacts/impacted their lives?