Calculus 1 ( project )

Part 1: This part of the project begins with a well written and grammatically correct paragraph[1] where you should identify a major field of study you are interested in, STEM or business related, or identify an area of interest related to STEM or business. In this paragraph, you should also identify why you are interested in this STEM or business related area, perhaps identifying prior experiences. Following that, do some research in journals related to the areas of interest you mentioned, in old calculus books with applications, or on the internet to find a minimum of two different equations or functions related to the area of interest that you identified. Citations for these equations must be included at the end of this part using the APA format.[2] In these equations or functions, identify the variables along with their meaning and units. You should also identify the role or context which you found these equations / functions in your area of interest. In this, include whether the equation / function is used for prediction or analysis. Finally, describe the domain and range for each of the functions with a brief explanation for each. These equations / functions should be written using an equation editor, which will properly format them.[3]