Can you edit and add specific things to my paper?

The essay is complemented by a presentation that retains the same purpose and claim as the essay, but presents the evidence-based argument in a digital medium. Project 3 is a Global Citizens Assignment that conforms to Learning Outcomes objectives D, E, and F.
The draft should argue in support of a particular thesis, uses at six sources.
I need 2 extra credible sources to be added to my paper to explain counterarguments and refute them to support my claim
My Research
question: Throughout
the years, to what extent have hybrid and electric cars improved?
My Thesis: Due to the innovations through the years,
electric and hybrid cars improved so much, and became better than the normal
I want my whole final draft after adding the counterarguments and the 2 credible sources to be edited.
in every paragraph start with a topic sentence then add sources to support them, change the way how it is, because it is starting with sources.
citation is APA