Cant study help

.. And i absolutely dont recognize wherein to start! I have drawn up a step by step listing of what i need to do, however i’m feeling tired and that i cant listen. I keep my msn messenger on incase a member of the family needs to touch me, but, i maintain getting these stupid random blokes i introduced as friends a while in the past hold sending me messages, despite the fact that my reputation is set to busy. I am currently in my halls of house room and having a examine a few web sites i want to get right of entry to for my lectures this week as analyzing material, however all i hold getting is my annoying flatmates banging doors, whistling and being pains, and with these guys online, i experience like i want to blow up in anger. Despite the fact that i got a great nights sleep remaining night, i’m still feeling worn-out and need which will concentrate on my observe, even supposing it is analyzing and taking notes from webpages online. Something i will do?