Case 4 Discussion: Tech Talk: Creating a Social Media Strategy

MBADM 830 SP20


  1. Read:  Read the assigned case (referred to in the course schedule),  respond to at least 3 questions. Provide evidence of how  they relate to your background and experiences.
  2. Reply to questions (initial post): Your initial posts must be completed by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. (ET) of the assigned week.

1. Which websites should Khare focus on, and how should he promote on these sites?


2. What key performance indicators should Khare focus on in promoting Tech Talk on social media?


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3. What does the emotion analysis of Tech Talk content imply? Also, comment on the polarity of tweets posted by Tech Talk.



  • 4. How can Khare identify potential influencers from among his subscriber base and engage with them appropriately?

5. Should Khare manage social media marketing in-house or outsource it? If outsourced, what promotion model should he use?