Case Study Assignment: Euro Disneyland Case Study Assignment: Euro Disneyland The case

Case Study Assignment: Euro Disneyland

Case Study Assignment: Euro Disneyland

The case study method combines knowledge acquisition and provides motivation for involvement and analysis of a specific situation.  By framing alternative strategic actions and confronting the practical world’s complexity and ambiguity, case analysis provides extraordinary power for your involvement with a personal learning experience.

Instructions:  Your written case study assignment should be 4-5 pages (5-page maximum).  Follow APA formatting guidelines (1″ margins, double-spaced, 12pt font).  For this assignment, you are not required to create a title page or abstract. 

Locate the case study in your text (p. 257-267).

Case preparation is a personal matter of developing an individualistic problem-solving style.  There is no one correct way to prepare a written summary of a case.  However, the following approach may help you develop your own style for using the cases to better analyze challenging situations organizations face.

Read through the case quickly to get a sense of the information that is being provided.

Reread the case very carefully, annotate, highlight, and distinguish important information, omissions, and questions raised by the reading.  Develop a sense of involvement in the problem that is posed.  Keep in mind the lessons presented in the narrative.  How can this help you with the problems in the case?

Define what you believe to be the basic issues.  Determine if there are any deeper underlying issues.  Write them down.  Notes are always helpful.  You may need to read some additional material to understand these issues thoroughly.

Critically analyze the information in the case study and identify the relevant areas for analyzing these issues.

The “Questions for Review” on p. 266 may be a good place to identify the case study’s critical issues.

Reflection: Think about your own opinion or reaction to the topic presented in the case study.  Do you agree or not?  What is your position, claim, argument?

Text/Class Connection: Explain how the case study relates to what you have read in your textbook.