Case study of a closed buffet sore to be repurposed

New Marketing Approach
A local restaurant called ‘Vancouver BBQ Delight’ (VBD) had a grand launch in 2018 and had a
successful run for the past two years. It served a buffet and ala carte options. Included with the
buffet, there were some special barbeque items served at the table on a table top griller and had
several live counters to choose from. They also had banquet and party options.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their sales plummeted (decreased). Customers had been social
distancing and staying away from big gatherings. The restaurant, VBD, also had to follow strict
protocols and various safety methods as per national health and safety guidelines.
You and your marketing team are specifically hired for repurposing the restaurant’s huge banquet
hall. Also added to your responsibility, is to rebrand the restaurant and give them a new business
If you can give them ideas of reopening within a few weeks with a new way of doing business will be an added bonus!
Now read the following instructions carefully. You (and your team) need to review elements of
marketing in a product/service marketing campaign of a local restaurant and prepare a marketing plan
A. You must use case study template (check week 10 folder) (10 marks). Submit only WORD form via
Turnitin (check week 12 folder). Only one person from the group will upload the final report.
B. Create a marketing plan report with following sections (Report word limit: min 1,500|max 2,000)
1) Abstract (10 marks) (200 words)
2) Introduction (your business and client details) – description of the brand and its
product/service (20 marks) (500 words)
3) Product features (10 marks) (200 words)
4) Price strategy (10 marks) (200 words)
5) Placement strategy (10 marks) (200 words)
6) Promotion mix (10 marks) (200 words)
7) Include APA in-text citations and attach references at the end of the report (20 marks)
8) Appendix (contribution table indicating what team members worked on)