Case Study of Joi Anderson

Nursing problem 1-
Deficient knowledge regarding sickle cell anaemia as manifested by request for information by Joi’s mother
Nursing problem 2-
Caregiver role strain due to caregiver’s social life disrupted as manifested by Joi’s grandmother that her health is deteriorating and she misses spending time with her friends
Collaborative problem 1- management of pain related to sickle cell anaemia
(Involve physio, doctor, haematologist, nutrionist for collaborative care)
Collabrative problem -2
Risk for infection related to chronic disease such as recurring of UTI or any other possible infections due to sickle cell anaemia
(Involve some MDT member for care)
Deficient diversional activity due to chronic illness and additional cost cannot be afforded by family
(Involve some physiotherapist, doctor or play therapist)