Case Study: Pamela Pamela is a patient of Muslim faith, living in

Case Study: Pamela

Pamela is a patient of Muslim faith, living in Little Rock, AR. She is diagnosed with late stage breast cancer and is experiencing a variety of issues that are impacting her physical and mental health.

Pamela has been in a committed relationship with her partner, Elizabeth, for the past 15 years. They were legally married in 2015. Pamela and Elizabeth are the primary parents for two children, George (19) and Laura (17), both of whom live at home with Pamela and Elizabeth when they are not in college. Pamela is the co-owner of Star of India, a popular downtown restaurant and is very active with the Islamic Center of Little Rock.

Pamela’s cancer has now progressed at a rapid rate and it appears that she is entering into a stage that will require extensive treatment and therapy. The family has discussed at length the types of treatment and care available to Pamela. Yet, after months of chemotherapy, Pamela has decided she would like to end active treatments by the end of the week and receive hospice services at home.

The children and Elizabeth strongly disagree with this decision and would like Pamela to continue with chemotherapy. They feel that Pamela has been persuaded by her mosque’s Imam to terminate treatment. The disagreement about Pamela’s care has cause much stress for Pamela and her family.

It appears that there is no written medical directive about Pamela’s wishes and she has not designated a healthcare proxy. Pamela remains aware of the medical issues facing her, and appears to be competent to make medical decisions, but this could change at any given moment. 

Pamela’s case is being discussed by a multidisciplinary team at your hospital to finalize her new care plan. Pamela has invited her Imam, along with her family, to her care plan meeting. The team meeting with Pamela consists of a physician assistant, a registered nurse, a social worker, a physical therapist, and a dietitian.

The Assignment

You are assigned the role of a healthcare professional on the multidisciplinary team. Using information from class resources and peer reviewed journals, you are to describe what you see as your major role on the interdisciplinary team.  


Complete a 3-4 page paper (not including the cover page and reference page).The paper should be 12 point font, double spaced, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and follow APA format. Please use at least three sources, at least one of which must be scholarly. Students are encouraged to create a section header for each of the following questions:

Describe the educational background for your role and how your education and training enables you to participate in this case. How does your role contribute to the care of this specific patient?

– ( Physical Therapi The order is for 0.125 mg of Lanoxin PO daily. How many tablets will the patient take each day?

Enter only the numeral (not the unit of measurement) in your answer.


What are some special concerns you have for Pamela? List at least three. Describe how you would approach this with others on the team. (Be sure to note where disagreements between you and the other professionals might arise and how you would be able to handle those disagreements).  

What are some types of alternative care that may need to be included in Pamela’s care plan?

Identify how Pamela’s religion and sexuality may or may not impact her care and support in Little Rock. Are there barriers Pamela may face as she pursues her wishes? How can you support her? (Consider healthcare delivery at the local, state, and national levels).

What are some possible legal and ethical implications regarding Pamela’s family unit? Explain.


Students will be separated into groups and participate in a mock care plan meeting. As a member of the team, each student will address the group and share the following:

Role on the care plan team

Concerns for Pamela related to role

Barriers Pamela might face and solutions to those barriers

Legal and ethical concerns

Ways in which the professional can work/co-treat with team members