CE 2061 Fluid Mechanics Term Project – Fall 2021 Term Project –

CE 2061 Fluid Mechanics Term Project – Fall 2021

Term Project – Fall 2021

Accounts for 15% of final grade

Written Report Due: 12/01/2021 (Wednesday) by midnight via Canvas

Oral Presentation Due: 12/02/2021 (Thursday) in class

1. Overview

A new residential complex (~3000 residents) will be developed in Henderson, NV 89011. Water supply for this residential complex will be provided by connecting a new pipeline to an existing water main along the State Route 564 (i.e., SR564). The water main starts from the AMPAC Water Treatment Plant.

Your team is bidding for the pipeline project (a single pipeline with no branches and no pipe size change; from water main to the complex entrance). The Google Earth file in the project folder on Canvas specifies the location of the complex entrance.

You will need to 1) calculate the water demand by use of local data; 2) route the pipeline; 3) determine pipe size; 4) specify pump locations and pump heads and output powers; and 5) provide a cost estimate for the project.

There is no budget limit for this project. However, your proposal must present sufficient cost-effectiveness. In other words, your design must be able to provide more than enough (but not largely excessive) amount of water for the complex; at the same time, a successful proposal must well justify the necessity of every dollar that will be spent for the materials, devices, construction labor, management fees, etc. If necessary, quotes should be attached as evidence.

2. Helpful Links

Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) – Designing Water Systems: https://www.lvvwd.com/engineering-resources/design/index.html

Pentair Water Supply Pumps:


3. Instructions

To successfully complete this project, your team will need to use the above links and other online/offline resources to conduct the following site investigations:

The water demand of the residential complex, Q;

The pipeline routing;

The elevation variation along the pipeline;

The total length of the pipeline;

The design criteria specified by the LVVWD;

The NPS standard pipe selection;

The unit price of the selected pipe (depending on its size and material);

The number of industrial centrifugal pumps required for water supply;

The unit price of the centrifugal pump;

The roughly estimated labor costs;

The roughly estimated management costs;

The total budget of the project.

4. Project Proposal

Based on your design, a project proposal (one single pdf document) should be prepared following the following recommended structure:

Cover page: include project title, team name, team member names, and date of completion.

Executive summary (< 250 words): provide a brief summary of the project and include team members’ signatures in the same page.

Content: list section/subsection titles linked to their page numbers.

List of tables: list table titles linked to their page numbers.

List of figures: list figure titles linked to their page numbers

Introduction: describe the background of the site, geographical and climatic conditions, design goals, and any other relevant information on the project.

Design Rationales: explain the methodologies adopted for the design and discuss their logics.

Timeline: mark major milestones of the proposed project.

Design Outcomes: present the design outcomes in sections and subsections (e.g., pipeline, water pumps, other devices, costs, and pitfalls); it is important to highlight how your design outcomes align with regulatory criteria and justify how your proposed design outcompete those of others.

Conclusions: wrap up and impress the proposal review panel.

References: list the references cited in the proposal.

Supplementary Materials: demonstrate relevant equations and sample calculations; attach regulatory documentation, quotes, equipment specifics, and other supporting materials.

Use font style Times New Roman (font size 11) and line spacing 1.15x for the whole document. The main text of your proposal should NOT exceed 10 pages, but there is no page limit for “References” and “Supplementary Materials”.

5. Project Deadlines

Written Report Due: 12/01/2021 (Wednesday) by midnight via Canvas

Oral Presentation Due: 12/02/2021 (Thursday) in class; each presentation will be 5-10 minutes long, including Q&A.

Peer/Self Evaluation Due: 12/03/2021 (Friday) by midnight via Canvas

5. Grading

The project will be first graded for the team based on the level of completion and the quality of the proposal and presentation. The criteria for evaluation of project report are as follows.

Details of design/engineering basis

Cost-effectiveness of design

Writing proficiency: style, grammar, spelling, vocabularies, proper citations, etc.

6. Individual Score Assignment:

A participation factor, given by your team members, will be used as a component in the project grade calculation. The final score of each individual member will be calculated as: