Challenges for Management Consulting Firms

[Note: Use the management consulting tool(s), for example, chapter 9; creative approaches for developing solutions) appropriately to present these proposed]– Concluding thoughtsYou are to conduct secondary research on the topic by (a) search for at least 3 (three) academic articles and evidence-based reports* in line to the topic identified. You are required to use the critical thinking assessment rubrics as a guide to prepare a report. The outcome of this report should be a better understanding of the topic identified in terms of its complexities and relevance, as well as the influence of the larger context (regional or global context).*Academic (research journal articles) or practitioner-oriented articles refer to articles which are peer- reviewed and published. For example, Academy of Management Journal, Harvard Business Review and so on. Evidence-based reports refers to published work, that includes company’s annual reports, well- established consulting companies reports and so on.