Challenging Situation

As experienced early childhood educators will tell you, communicating with families, especially when challenged to communicate potentially sensitive information, can be extremely challenging. Another challenge is to explain the learning occurring in daily activities to families, so they see the benefits of finger painting, for example. With colleagues, you may need to discuss planning goals for a child but disagree on the level of support needed. You may have to approach your director about a concern or challenge where you need support within your group. Professional communication can be challenging at every level of experience or in every role in early childhood education.Instructions:In your initial post, respond to the following:Share a challenging experience you have had with providing professional communication to a family or a colleague.Describe the experience in detail and include what parts of the interaction were challenging.What would you do the same in future conversations to maintain professionalism?Be sure to include what aspects of the interaction used professional communication techniques or strategies.Share what you could have been done differently to be more professional.What might you still need to learn for future similar interactions?Note: If you are already working in an early childhood program, use an interaction that you have experienced directly. If you are not already working in an early childhood program, use an experience you may have had in another situation.