City Video Loglines

Imagine that you want to raise funds for this project or submit it to festivals or streaming platforms like Netflix.
Logline and proposal are two distinct items that have different functions.
The logline is to attract interest and like a snapshot introduce the reader to your project. To guide your writing read the articles on how to write a logline posted in Course Documents.
Your proposal should be written as cohesive narratives that could compel a producer, distributor, or investor to take on your project. Be concise and specific. Vague does not sell.
As part of your proposals address the following questions. Do NOT answer them as a bullet point list.
What is the genre of your video?
What is the topic,the story,and what will we see?
What type of footage will you video?
Will you use voiceover narration and/or music?
How will you structure your video?
What is your timeline?
Who is your audience and why will your video matter to them?