Climate Change

These styles and formats may be accessed on the Internet if you are unfamiliar with the requirements.Note: This is a professional business law class.  Your professional writing style, legal perspectives, laws in questions, legal issues, facts, legal background, precedent setting cases, etc.  Paper organization, grammar, spelling and presentation of facts and opinions will be graded for correctness and accuracy.Topic – Select and topic and send it to the instructor for approval.  Topic suggestion are provided belowFormat – Written in APA format.Include  a cover page, an abstract, and reference page Content Minimum – Minimum of 4 full pages of researched content  (not including title page, abstract and reference page)Sources – Use at least five academic and/or professional sources plus your text to support the paper. Use the databases available to you through MJC’s Online Library. Writing – Your writing should reflect the issue, the relevant laws, your observations and what you discovered through your research (MJC takes a very dim view of plagiarism and it will not be tolerated)Citations – Citing sources in the body of your text as well as on your reference page is required. Cites should meet APA requirements.Paper Presentation – Your paper should be well organized, and professionally written.  An introduction and conclusions should be included.  Your introduction should outline the issue(s), the body of the paper should discuss and support the opening statements and end with a conclusion.  A title page should be first, a reference page should be last and should correctly cite all the sources used.