CNSL 650

 CNSL 650 

                                                      Study Guide – Quiz 3

Instructions: Please use the study guide questions below to review for your quiz.

Young Chapter 3: Innovational Skills

When are invitational skills most useful?

What are building blocks for invitational skills? (Table 3.1)

Review the nonverbal skills on p. 65-69

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Review opening skills

Review encourages

What is the difference between open and closed questions?

What is a minimal encourager?

What is a door opener?

Essay Stem:

What does the book say about using touch and warmth with a client?

Young Chapter 4: Paraphrasing

Review reasons for reflecting.

How do we reflect the content and thoughts associated with a client’s story?

What is the purpose of paraphrasing?

What are the characteristics that distinguish a paraphrase from other helping skills?

What are the four common paraphrasing problems listed in your book?

How is the difference between mental noise and worrying about what to say next?

What is the nonjudgmental listening cycle?

Review paraphrase quick tips on P. 97

Essay Stem

Discuss the two steps of paraphrasing.




Corey Chapter 4: Psychoanalysis

What is the aim of psychoanalytic therapy?

What is the difference between transference and countertransference?

Define defense mechanism.

Review the id, ego and superego.

What is neurotic anxiety?

What does Erikson say about development? When does it end?

What are the main components of Jung’s theory?

Essay Stem:

Define and briefly discuss the different between the id, the ego and the superego.



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