Collaboration and Team Building

Significance of collaborationDiscuss the significance of collaboration in today’s healthcare environment. Research the term “collective competence” and explain how this concept relates to healthcare education and practice in the world we live in today.2. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Interprofessional CollaborationIdentify and commit to a minimum of two improvement goals based on the *Sub-Competencies of the Core Competencies of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPEC, 2016, pages 11 to 14). 2 pointGive an example of the reason that you selected each of the two improvement goals.Please note the specific sub-competency with the title and page number and cite the overall document.For example: I will commit to the sub-competency TT6 to constructively manage disagreements (Interprofessional Education Collaborative, 2016, p14.).3.OutcomeDiscussion of Video The Marriage of Acute Care and Community CareIII.  In the required readings you were introduced to the video discussion titled The Marriage of Acute Care and Community Care