Community Project- Operation Christmas child

Your project must begin with a written plan. This is a written document (4-5 pages minimum) that lays out a clear picture of what your vision for the project and what you intend to accomplish. It must specify the following: a. Target population. Identify the population your project is targeting. b. Social Problem. Provide a clear explanation/description of the social problem being addressed using outside sources (research-based) to support the statement of the problem.c. Proposed improvement. Provide a clear statement on “how will your work improve the lives of your target population, and advance social and/or economic justice”?d. Updated Goals and objectives: Include a separate subsection for Goals and Objectives. Each plan must clearly state what will be accomplished and what changes will result from your work. Each goal must have clearly stated objectives with specific time frames of when each will be achieved. Each objective must be concrete and measurable. Each Objective must have clearly stated tasks and activities to accomplish the objectives.e. Initial Program Evaluation Plan. Finally, you must have a method for evaluating the outcomes of the project and the accomplishment of goals and objectives.

Include the potential organization(s) you considering for your project

The organization of your choice. The organizations can be community-based, private non-profit, state, or federal

What is your rationale for selecting the organization of choice?

Make sure to identify the mission of the organization, and how it ties to your project idea.

The population impacted by your project.

The Social Problem you will address with your project.

Your goals and objectives

Make sure you draw a clear connection between the social problem identified.

I have attached everything I have done for this project. Feel free to include other information you find useful. Since this is just a plan it is okay if you add things that may or may not happen.