Company strategy analysis

the chosen company name is : almarai company website: you can find a lot of information about it online.**below is a suggested outline of the report: 1- Introduction: don’t write introduction keep it empty 2- Company Strategy Identify the company strategy before COVID-19 and during The effects of COVID-19 on the company strategy Link it back to the statement in the assignment which is: “As companies and industries plan for life after the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the trickiest tasks will be to identify a new set of priorities. Throughout this crisis, coping and keeping up with the ever-shifting situation have taken precedence. But a contagious virus will not always be the top concern for organizations, and other urgent issues, including sustainability, cloud computing, and competition for talent, will require top-of-mind focus”. (McKinsey, 2021) 3- You need to pick only two chapters from huff’s book, don’t talk about the whole chapters .. only the principles of and ideas and link it to Almarai 4- Compelling stories about the strategies of your organization especially during and after a pandemic 5- Use tools: – (Scenario planning) for the future strategy to look at what will happen in the future – PESTLE analysis 6- Conclusion