Compare and contrast film with Hadith

The documentary Jiro Dreams if Sushi (2011) tells the story of sushi master Jiro Ono and his heir (his son) Yoshikazu. Throughout this documentary the effort that Jiro puts on his way to becoming a master and the process of transferring his knowledge to his son and all of his apprentices. You can see the astonishing level of care and details that puts in his craft. In this question, I would like you to compare and contrast the knowledge of transmission of Sushi “making” to that of Hadith. The purpose of this question is to make you utilize the knowledge that you have attained about all aspects of hadith to see similarities and differences with the transmission of knowledge in other fields, yes even sushi making.
The length of this paper is 5 or more pages (double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins).
Use your own words. Do not fill the papers with quotes that you can paraphrase using your own words. Only quote terms or phrases that are significant.
Stating any of these specific ideas without reference is considered plagiarism.
You can use the following simple method of referencing (Author, page number) at the end of each complete idea.
Using external sources is not allowed. I will see this as an attempt to avoid using the required material. As such, all references have the format (Ibn Rajab, page number).
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